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TừHình10 ý tưởng mới nhất
1 - who do you want to become?I really want to become a translator. It means that I can have chance to meet with many new knowledge around the world and bring them back to our country in a way that's easy for us to understand. So, now, I gotta improve my English a lot, take chances to meet with famous translators to learn many stuffs from them and increase my passion of translating more and more.
2 - ADmission@Admission = ADM_SS_N Anh ơi Đội Mũ lên thôi, trời Sắp Sửa Nắng rồi. Buổi lễ kết nạp năm nay thật khắc nghiệt quá đi!
3 - How would you teach students if you were a chemistry teacher?If I were a chemistry teacher, I would bring students to the laboratory every day. Every month, I would give them chance to visit the factory of chemistry. By this way, I could understand the curiousness of each student, know the hobbies of them. And, I would help them to explore the world of chemistry in their own way.
4 - fuir@fuir=phủi: khi bạn phủi tay điều này đồng nghĩa với các vết bẩn đang chạy chốn khỏi bàn tay bạn
5 - Steve Jobs - The rules for successPeople say, you have to have a lot of passion for what you’re doing. And it’s totally true in the real life. Because it’s so hard and if you don’t … give up it’s really hard. And you have to do … So you don’t love it. You don’t have enough fun doing it. And what happens in the most people life. … The one who was successful love what they did … And the one didn’t want it quit… So it’s a lot of hard work and it’s a lot of worrying constantly and if you don’t love it you’re gonna fail. So you gotta love it, you gotta have passion … You gotta be … how smart you are. You need a team of great people. And you gotta figure out how to sign people really quickly … be able to held an organization. You need great people around you.
6 - what are you doing to day to your dream come true?I wake up soon in the morning, do some exercise. Make a list of three things I gotta complete till the end of the day. This list contains 3 goals which are important for my dream. Even, I can't be strong and enthusiastic all the day, but I still complete those things. That makes me take step by step, make a little improvement. I always believe that I can make my dream comes true.
7 - content# CONTENT => C_NT_NT = Chị +Nói To + Nói To Em xin Chị hãy Nói To, Nói To lên hơn nữa. Bởi em chẳng nghe thấy nội dung chị nói là gì cả!
8 - what make a man a man?A man totally understand the problem. He is always the one who can control the situation well. He knows what he need to do to make the balance between many different things.
9 - When you getting married? I guess, maybe at the age of 28, I will get married. That is the time, I really understand about the real love. The time, I became a real man, with good thinking about the past, the present and the future. The time, I know, I need to have a real friend, more than friend, to line with me in the river of life. The time, I've found a woman who're going to be one part of my life.
10 - What to do with 1.000.000USD?I think, I can have chance to do a lot of things. I will visit some countries I really wanted to visit like Singapore, Japan. I will do charities. Give money for the poors around the world. I will join many excellent courses that teach me how to really use the money well.