O'star Lee
Lee O'star

TừHình10 ý tưởng mới nhất
1 - about# Give us a hint about the guests
2 - about# We'll tell you everything about the star
3 - compare# When I was a kid and compared myself to everyone else is saying " I can't do it I'll never able to do that"
4 - navy# A:You join in the navy? B: just clearly The United State Navy C: Yep
5 - both# You get the best of both worlds ( From this film: Hannah Montana)
6 - description# Each paper has a number and a mission description
7 - without# Without this one, we could be together forever
8 - How do you live in a world without internet?It's terrible because getting in the Internet is like a habit
9 - SupPort# Thank you (Fususu) for always supporting me ^^
10 - sleep# do you know that every night I can't sleep?