Anh Vũ

TừHình10 ý tưởng mới nhất
1 - fall overthe cartons have fallen over make Ba Dao eyes are swelling
2 - entrancethe chairs are piled up front the entrance door even little dog can't come in 
3 - cupshe is sipping  coffee cup.
4 - potI like make the pot flowers by myself
5 - engineyou must  examine the car engine before drive
6 - occupiedoccupied : chiếm đóng China's force occupied Hoang Sa island. damn it!
7 - laboratory; labscientists always work in lab with a large glass  
8 - MarVel when you work with heart , the marvel will happen to you
9 - breathtakingbreath : thở taking: nói nhà ảo thuật Thở ra khói màu xanh lè khi Nói chuyện với khán giả. màn trình diễn thật hấp dẫn.
10 - original shapeOnce upon a time , Prince Circle turned into a frog by  evil witches. he just can return original shape after Princess Square kiss him: